Pistolet léché, père Noël pervers … Les photos d’Illustrations “malaises” épinglées par Dark Stock Photos explications on leurs auteurs

You have made this statement one day, or give a lecture on your press magazine or on the internet: an illustrated article with a photographic practice which you seem to have completely forgotten. But I wonder if the banquets of images are regurgent. Andy Kelly, a contributor du Guardian, fouille les milliards de photos qu’elles contienen pour dénicher les plus sombres ou les plus perturbantes. Il les poste ensuite sur son compte Twitter, baptisé Dark Stock Photos. One compliment, even more than 86 700 people have a smile on their face.

On y decovere exemple cet homme entièrement nu, à l’exception d’un bonnet de Noël sur la tête, se pinçnt les tétons, with an expression of sincerity of satisfaction. Notre Dame.

Also look at the couple who get together (last minute).

What is the object of the cache derivation? Who immortalizes and sells these scans? Et comment obtiennent-ils ces attitudes, ratranges, de leurs modèles? Franceinfo retrouvé trois photographes pour tenter de comprendre.

“Reprise the Malay Obsession for the Arms”

This is to respond to the attitudes of the clients of those banques images that Gilles DeCruyenaere, photographer and illustrator live Winnipeg, au Canada, ax axis travel. “This photo is a little too much for anyone who realizes a shooting (sans mauvais jeu de mot) sur les armes à feu., explicit-t-il rance franceinfo. But what about the lever, you demand-you sort? “For me, this photo represents the malsaine occupation (à mon avis) que certaines personnes (et certaines parties de la société) nourrissent pour les armes à feu. ” And for the realm of the beast, it is not even a matter of convincing a model to find its lui-mum mis in its screen.

Cette “image stupide”, like the qualifier, it doesn’t have to be in the cadre of an actual particle. “If it were a genre of images that could provoke emotional reactions and realize that these reactions would have negative effects on the arms of the enemy”, précise-t-il.

I want to tell you that everyone seems to be paying attention to the fact that we have a fossil (and to make love), this is not a sign of pain.

Gilles DeCruyenaere

rance franceinfo

But finally, this photo at-elle was utilized in this sense? Oui, selon son auteur. “As a result of a search on Google, we’ve come up with an idea to illustrate articles on the control of the armpits, but also to keep the inscrutable masculine in line with the culture of the armies.”

“La metaphore d’un employé à qui ne ne peut pas faire confiance”

To be an actor, this image is a metaphor & nbsp; "mauvais boss" dont l'employé se vengerait.  (Creatista / Bigstock)

This is Etats-unis que franceinfo a retrouvé l’auteur de cette photo. Celle d’un femme tout sourire qui s’apprête à planter un couteau dans le dos d’un homme. For the photo of Scott Griessel, alias Creatista, the screensaver represents an employer à who can not make a confession. Ou alors un “mauvais boss” dont l’employé se vengerait, analyze-t-il. I want to illustrate one of the aspects of the world of travel at Etats-Unis, with its form “metaphore”.

Comme Gilles DeCruyenaere, the ignore all of you on Twitter Dark Stock Photos and the perception of his travels. For now, it is not possible to pass a commando particle, which will refuse the ailers of the plupart du temps, “for the son of the rest of the personnel”.

Always comment at the time à Do you think there are two people in a telle like me on the screen? Grâce à la confiance, puisque les deux protagonistes font partie de son cercle d’amis.

Make fun of the fun shootings, make fun of all the fun around the world

Scott Griessel

rance franceinfo

It arrives at the Scott Griessel Traveler’s Trail with professional models. Mais ils “Represents an idiot and not more people”, affirm the photographs that come from a few years of experience. In fact, the signature of the contact between the different parties before the shooting specifies that the module cedent lets the image disappear, since the photo may not be very public, when the mummy elle does not play or be photographed.

This is not an idea “

A couple assumes à a table, the homme détendu, souriant and regardless of l alr al alor qu’n face de lui se trouve une femme, un couteau à la main, s’appapprênt à le poignarder. Un repas qui tourne mal? An account on the issue? A representation of jealousy? Difficult to find a sensation in this photo. And in a nutshell, if you are a crout son auteur, photographed by Ryan Lane, joint par franceinfo. “Au dipart, on était partis sur une série basée sur le ‘lifestyle'”, looking for a job to travel to Portland (Oregon, Etats-Unis).

This is not an idea, but a few of the models, which would make a really funny thing. It was too late, too, with the homme très decontracté and the woman who gave birth to follies.

It was just a matter of time before the artisan in the village of Adoption – “I photographed the petite enterprises. This is the most interesting thing to discover the intruder” -, the young homme is also an adapted desktop photo, voyeur compliment barreés, as the confession cite this page. Another faculty of the young homme, recall du photographic or lyric courses, Whose form is all around the University of L asqu’ to see that their clichés are envied by the bank of images iStock by Getty Images rencontraient un certain succès.

But the sense of humor at the limits. If you think that this clich is too much for you, it will not go away when you compare Dark Stock Photos. “This compliment will capture the first photos published by the publisher on Twitter., grince-t-il.

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