Pharma companies will decide the manufacturing and pricing of drugs themselves, the Pharma Association said

They cannot stop making medicines at this time, they want all the medicines to be sold to the public (Photo: File).

Karachi: Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has said that the pharmaceutical companies will determine the price and manufacture of medicines themselves.

PPMA officials in an emergency press conference said that they have given DRAP a week to take urgent and necessary steps for the survival of the pharmaceutical companies, failing which the pharma industry will take action on its own. But it will take steps to ensure the supply of medicines to the public, including fixing the prices of medicines.

PPMA officials said that DRAP has failed to fulfill its responsibilities, which has made it very difficult for people to get affordable and essential medicines.

On this occasion, Mansoor Dilawar said that Pakistan is in a difficult time after Corona and is also facing basic health problems, in which the biggest problem is the flood-affected areas where epidemics have broken out and there are all kinds of diseases. There is a dire need for medicines at this time, we cannot stop making medicines, we want all the medicines to be made available to the public. However, that meeting could not take place.

He said that due to Drape’s inattention, we filed a case in the Islamabad High Court and the court gave 15 days to Drape to listen to us and solve the problem, but it has been over a month. Despite the orders of the court, DRAP has not solved our problem, more than 100 essential medicines are not available in the market, yet the attitude of DRAP is very sad. Will be.

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