People / Aya Nakamura: she remains the most listened to artist in the world

Aya Nakamura at the top of her game. For the fourth consecutive year, the French singer is positioned as the female artist with the most views on YouTube. The artist of Malian origin, makes the front page of peoples information. For her, this is only the very beginning of her exploits.

Aya Nakamura maintains her place as the most listened to female artist in the world. After being named the French artist of the year at the Apple Music Awards a few weeks ago, the Franco-Malian artist has just reconfirmed her place. The author of successful titles like “Jolie nana” and “Djadja” is for the 4th consecutive year, the French female artist with the most views on Youtube.

She has in fact more than 900 million views on Youtube in 2021. Making her the most listened to female artist at the end of the year 2021.

Passionate about music, Aya Nakamura intends to surpass herself even more. Between gold and platinum records or several covers of the prestigious Forbes Magazine, Aya Nakamura has clearly become an imposing face in French music.

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After her coronation in 2020, she had confided this little secret of her which makes her an indestructible artist. Aya Nakamura tells AFP “to make the music that (she) loves” and refuses to be locked in boxes, which gives her an opening on the world in order to conquer it.

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