Parrots smarter than babies

Daka dhakan grabs the lids with their beaks and opens them with the help of claws

Munich: A new study reported that hospitals As soon as they have the ability to open the lid of the litter and teach each other this process.

In a study at the Max Institute, scientists said that cockatoos in a Sydney suburban project have the ability to remove litter structures.

Video author Dr. Barbara Klump, a scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and head of research, said it was fascinating when she first saw cockatoos opening their litter box. It was a unique style that needed to be seen.

A German scientist who was inspired by the intelligence of parrots studied this chichi to see how many parrots there are that should do this. It sends three suburban teams to monitor 44 parrots.

Because of his intelligence, he goes from sis and different girls can be seen as the little man of the parrot.

After imagining the videos on 1 and 6 of the geography of the process, Dr. Barbara Klump and her colleagues mostly assume that the method is learned by watching others.

It is no less a feat for the birds to do this, they grab the lid of the box with their beaks and kick it open with their claws. Then he closed the lid and fell back. Kokat aims to be such a meal in a box.

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