PACA, second region most loved by its inhabitants behind Brittany

According to two different surveys, the inhabitants of PACA are particularly attached to their region. (© MI / Actu Nice)

What a beautiful proof of love. The holidays are an opportunity to show the people around us how much we care about them. The inhabitants of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur show how much they care about their region.

According to the second edition of the 2021 territorial barometer, published by Elabe and the Institut Montaigne, in partnership with SNCF, 64% (+7) of the inhabitants of PACA are attached to their region. An increase of 7 points compared to the first edition. This is the highest rate after Brittany.

What do they like so much about them? The climate, of course. 75% of inhabitants appreciate the climate (+43 points), but also its landscapes (63%). This is the first region of the 2021 territories barometer concerning these categories.

To go further, 59% of them are attached to their department. This is four points more than last year.

Second most beautiful region in France

Another investigation, unveiled by TF1 mid-December and highlighted by nice morning, validates this trend. According to her, 45% of the inhabitants of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur feel a strong attachment to their region, again behind the Bretons (65%), still the most proud of their territory.

According to this same survey, the Paca is the second most beautiful region, with 32% of the votes of those questioned, obviously behind Brittany (35%). However, she won the duel of the South by placing herself in front Occitania (23%).

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