Occupied Kashmir; Indian forces arrested 5 people including two scholars

Srinagar: In Occupied Kashmir, the occupying Indian forces detained 5 people, including two prominent scholars, under the Public Safety Act.

According to the details, Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed Veri and Abdul Rasheed Dawoodi are among the detained persons, while the identity of the other 3 persons has not been revealed yet.

Information Secretary All-Party Hurriyat Conference Azad Kashmir and Pakistan Imtiaz Wani said in his ongoing statement that the authorities are transferring the Ulama to Jammu jail under the Public Safety Act.

He said that under the Public Safety Act, a cruel law, people can be detained without charge or trial for up to two years. People in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are not being allowed to speak.

Amitaz Wani said that Hurriyat Conference, journalists and activists are being jailed and cases are being registered against them under the black law “PSA” and now the Ulama are being silenced.

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