Now you can see, feel and kiss the black stone sitting at home

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of Umkula University and the Institute of Hajj and Umrah launched an initiative digital exhibition: photos courtesy of social media

The managers of the two holy sites have already begun to see Blackstone virtually.

The launch of the Blackstone Virtual Project aims to provide Blackstone with a real-world environment through virtual reality technology and digital experience, so that people can see, kiss and feel Blackstone.

According to Saudi media reports, Dr. Abdul Rahman Sudais, Director of the Holy Land Administration, stated that the initiative was launched by the Digital Exhibition in cooperation with the Umm Al-Two Holy Land Hajj and Umrah research institutes. Gula University.

He said that a real environment will be provided to view Black Stone virtually with eyes, ears, nose and senses, so that those who view Black Stone through modern technology will find themselves in the mosque. The Kaaba of the Holy Land and as many people as possible can realize their dreams in this regard.

He added that with the help of modern technology, the Saudi government is presenting a fictional scene in a way that makes it look real, and Blackstone and its surrounding areas are being realized through a virtual system.

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