“Now they are asking us for help. I told them to leave first and then talk to us.” Asif Zardari spoke openly.

“Now they are asking us for help. I told them to do it first and then leave it to us …

Nawabshah (Daily Pakistan Online) PPP Clay Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari has said that I have to think of future generations, even today Bhutto Sahib and BB Benazir talk to me, there is no problem for PPP. There are problems for them, now the world is that ‘they’ say come and help us, tell us a way, make a formula, I said no formula or formula, you made a formula and ruined the country, the answer is, now you do it Holiday, then talk to us.

According to private TV, while addressing a luncheon in Nawabshah, Asif Ali Zardari said that he was worried about what would happen in the next 15 years. We made sacrifices and made a connection with politics. I have been saying from day one that if NAB runs in the country, then the government will not run. Now they are running NAB, they are not running the government. ? There was no need for devaluation, these devaluators are ignorant, all those who come from outside are ignorant, they do not understand and our debt has doubled, our country’s debt was 30 billion which today has increased to 60 billion. It is done, their own secretaries are not ready to sign any agreement, now relaxation is being given in NAB but the damage that was supposed to be done has been done. Asif Zardari said that yesterday after one and half years He also spent some time in jail for a year and a half. I pray to Allah to give us all faith, we will get the country out of problems together.

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