Now even robots will tag jokes.

Tokyo: For a robot to resemble a human being;

Researchers at Japan’s Kyoto University are using artificial intelligence to train robots to properly segment signals and distinguish between laughter and loud noises.

In a study published in the journal Frontiers in Robots and AI, researchers said they are working with a robot named Airica in hopes of making conversations with robots more natural.

Dr. Koji-in, an assistant professor at Kyoto University’s Department of Intelligence Science and Technology and lead author of the study, said the researchers believe that feeling someone is one of the main goals of communicating with artificial intelligence.

According to him, there are many places besides the correctness of communication. So the scientists decided that a way for the robot’s user to sense a sense of humor might be through the exchange of laughs.

‘To create ShareLaughter, researchers used artificial intelligence to identify your support and decide who isn’t the target and what kind of camaraderie is appropriate for the occasion.

Three or four negotiations between air shut-outs and real people in Icombing, resulting in plenty of minutes.

According to your expert, it takes time to create the real situation.

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