North of Montpellier: sans permis, the roulette depresses the yvelines with 380 kg of surcharge!

Buy complimento because of the tanguit dangereusement! (Nd Gendarmerie Hérault)

The voice of the dangereuse in the descent of the ‘autoroute A75 Du Pas de l’Escalette et pour cause: les gendarmes qui patrouillaient ont relevé a surcharge of 380 kilos. The conductor who visited the Yvelines part in vacations in Algiers.

This is the group gendarmerie de l’Hérault Who revealed this info on Lundi on Facebook page: Samadi, on the A75 Autorute, on the hauteurs of Lodève, in the Sens Millau-Béziers, an automobileist who was in control of the gendarmes of the Clermont-Pilot motor, suite à l’interception de son véhicule, surchargé.

Pas d’assurance, pneus lisses

The indie, part of the veil or soiree of the domicile of the Yvelines, or part of the Hyundai Matrix, pensait, malgré un a defense of precaution à son chargement, attending the Valence port in Espagne and rejoining the other side. A control of his vehicle allowed to be installed at an estimated cost of à 380 kg. Circonstance aggravante : The conductor does not possibly pass the conductor and does not assume the assurance. The vehicle also had a pneumonia ligament.

«Dans l’immédiat, the chauffeur to the opposite of having an assurance, the pneumonia conforms and another vehicle to the transporter to supplement the baggage. This is the first proclamation, à son domicile, de la sanction par ordonnance pénlele délictuelle », signals the group of gendarmerie de l’Hérault. The story doesn’t tell you what to look for and tactics to help ease the way for vacations.

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