North Korea is secretly supplying ammunition to Russia, the US

Russia has not denied or confirmed the US allegation, Photo: File

Washington: The US has alleged that North Korea is secretly supplying Russia with artillery shells in the Ukraine war.

According to the World News Agency, US National Security Spokesman John Kirby severely criticized the alliance between North Korea and Russia, saying that these two countries are responsible for the destruction in Ukraine.

John Kirby has claimed that North Korea is providing large quantities of ammunition to Russia under the guise of shipments to the Middle East and Africa. We are monitoring this entire route all the time.

When asked if the munitions were received by Russia and are being used on Ukraine, national security spokesman John Kirby replied that he could not confirm this yet.

On the other hand, Russia has neither confirmed nor denied the American accusation.

It should be noted that earlier the US accused Iran of supplying Russia with suicide bomber drones which were also used in Ukraine. The US had also shared pictures of the wreckage of the drones.

In February this year, Russia invaded Ukraine and conquered four regions with the help of its rebel fighters and held a controversial referendum, as a result of which these four Ukrainian regions were annexed.

There is also strong resistance against Russia on the part of Ukraine and progress was also made to get the four occupied territories, in response to which President Putin imposed martial law in these four territories.

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