NIKE offers itself the RTFKT nugget and enters the meta-race

Already in 2019, the famous sneaker company Nike Inc. had registered the trademark ” Cryptokicks », without revealing the projects that were hidden behind this deposit. However, it now seems possible to say without taking much risk that Nike simply wants to secure a leadership position in the potential metaverse that is looming.

Nike Inc. offers itself the company RTFKT

December 13, Nike Inc. announced that it has acquired the start up RTFKT completely turned towards NFT and the metaverse. Indeed, the company RTFKT is specialized in these fields. In particular, she created a collection de NFT representative of baskets designed around the universe CryptoPunks. In addition, these NFTs are intended to be used in play to earn, or in metaverse.

Thus, with the purchase of RTFKT, Nike Inc affirms his will to expose his mark in the metaverse. In addition, in this same press release the CEO of Nike Inc. John Donahoe spoke congratulated of this acquisition:

“We are acquiring a very talented team of designers with an authentic and connected brand. Our plan is to invest in the RTFKT brand, serve and grow their innovative and creative community, and expand Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities. “

Finally, the terms and amount of the acquisition of RTFKT by the company Nike Inc. not disclosed.

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The metaverse race is on between Nike and Adidas

First last November, Nike has registered new trademarks and patents in connection with the NFTs and the metaverse. Concomitantly, the company has published two job offers for positions of designer of virtual objects.

Next, it should be noted that Nike’s main competitor, Adidas has also put a foot in the metaverse world. Indeed, the company has already bought land in The SandBox and concluded a partnership with Coinbase exchange.

In addition, she has just created her first NFT in collaboration with Yuga Labs, the creator of the collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). the Bored Ape who was born from this collaboration sports Adidas jogging. Moreover, the company has since put in his profile picture Twitter.

Adidas profile on Twitter

In the absence of divinatory gifts, it is for the time being hard to say which Nike or Adidas will win their place in the metaverse. All the more so, since it is impossible to foresee the future reserved for this new world, completely on the fringes of what we know.

However, it is certain that with the acquisition of RTFKT Nike has offered itself a collaborator of choice in the field of NFT. More so, Nike has made ” two birds with one stone “, car RTFKT was the main competitor from Nike since it also offered sneakers in the form of NFT.

Finally, other companies outside the clothing sector are also interested in the NFT environment. Such is the case of the payments giant VISA which predicts a bright future for non-fungible tokens.

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