Netanyahu ready to join hands with hard-line Jewish party to become prime minister

Elections are being held in Israel for the fifth time in three and a half years, Photo: File

Tel Aviv: Netanyahu, who has served as Prime Minister of Israel for 12 consecutive years, was defeated in 2019, after which he has again emerged as the strongest candidate in the race for the post.

According to the International News Agency, elections were held in Israel for the fifth time in three and a half years. The voting process continued till 10 pm yesterday and now the results are coming in from which the future scenario can be predicted.

This time, 4 members of the hard right-wing Jewish party “Hadash Jabba” were also elected and reached the assembly, who came forward as an ally of Likud Party, the party of former Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s coalition is expected to win 61 or 62 of the 120 seats needed to become prime minister, 61 or more. In this way, Netanyahu’s chances of becoming the prime minister once again became bright.

Netanyahu, however, faces corruption charges and has to face his own lawsuits in court in fraud cases that were filed against him during his tenure as prime minister.

The idea is being expressed that the 46-year-old Itmar Bin Ghafir, a Jewish leader who is a strong supporter of Jewish settlement, a hardliner and a strong opponent of the Palestinians, should be given a chance instead of Netanyahu due to corruption allegations.

On the other hand, outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid and his moderate political coalition, which defeated Netanyahu in 2019 to end his 12-year tenure as prime minister, managed only 54 or 55 seats this time.

It should be noted that in June 2019, the longest reign of the then Prime Minister Nitin Yao Ho, surrounded by allegations of corruption, ended for 12 years, but political stability could not be achieved and general elections are being held for the fifth time in just three and a half years.

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