Near Rennes: with organic clementines, they create hand and lip balms

Simon shows the soap dish and Mélanie shows the solid hand balm, on a tablet © Le Journal de Vitré

Simon Guyomarch, 27 years old, is the founder of Déco’smétique. Recently installed at Châteaugiron, with his sister Mélanie, they create original cosmetics based on downgraded fruits and vegetables.

“It was by living two years in a shared apartment above a soap factory that I became more aware of the value of solid cosmetics in reducing consumption of plastics. Very quickly, I looked for practical solutions to facilitate the use of my solid soaps. I realized that I was far from being the only person not to find satisfactory solutions ”, explains Simon.

A family matter

After a study more comprehensive of existing solutions, Simon was able to pinpoint needs to which these solutions did not respond. “I then decided to offer solid cosmetics. “

In 2019, he created a magnetic chestnut soap dish French and labeled. Then come other accessories to complete the zero waste range: the anti-waste soap net, the transport pouch for solid cosmetics, the toiletry pouch.

His sister Mélanie, 24 years, joined it in September 2020. They have just found premises in Châteaugiron.

Born in Caen, they arrived many years ago at Acigné. Simon studied business, Mélanie has a Master 2 in cosmetic formulation and quality.

Avoid food waste

Together, Simon and Mélanie tackle the problem food waste. In fact, in France, one in ten fruits or vegetables is considered to be ugly, therefore downgraded.

Balsama, their new original range of solid balms for the hands and for the lips, allows to give a second life to these fruits. This winter is clementine which is in the spotlight.

We use a first cold pressing extra virgin olive oil, handcrafted. Our orders for this exceptional product are shared with our partner La Fabrik’à Bulles directly from the producer. We manufacture the balms in the laboratory of the La Fabrik’à Bulles soap factory. For this first winter season, we are revaluing the organic and downgraded clementines from the Biocoop in Cesson-Sévigné.

Simon Guyomarch

Balms, sold in aluminum boxes 100% recyclable and reusable, can then be purchased as a refill, made from kraft paper. Simon and Mélanie innovated. This is a first in France.

Soon carrots and apples

“We plan to create three products next year: from January to May a hand and lip balm made from clementines, from May to October a body balm made from carrots and from September to December a apple-based hand and lip balm, ”says Mélanie.

Brother and sister are waiting labeling which should be effective soon.

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