Near Dieppe, discover the illuminated house of the Billoquet family

Benjamin, Alison Billoquet and their children Zoé, Louna and Kélya love the Christmas spirit. They had a visit from Santa Claus.

AT Christmas, the houses light up and are adorned with colors to remember the sweet moments of childhood, which is why the Billoquet family d’Envermeu (Seine-Maritime) decorate his house and his garden for the end of year celebrations.

Indeed, Benjamin, Alison and their children Zoe, 10 years old, Louna, 7 years old, and Kélya, 2 and a half years old, love the Christmas spirit and they never lack imagination to bring Santa Claus and other children of Envermeu.

Treasures of ingenuity

Once again, the family has deployed treasures of ingenuity to embellish their garden in Christmas colors, offering a real free spectacle to passers-by every night of the week.

With just the sole desire to please and see visitors coming who sometimes come from far away.

Ferris wheel and igloo

For its second year, the family has set the bar very high with a handcrafted Ferris wheel that spins with a wiper motor.

Visitors will also find a large igloo with many luminous figures, polar bears, penguins, deer and small pack ice animals.

“Our second novelty is the installation of a wooden sled that I created, for all the children who will take a photo with Santa Claus. We had around 50 visitors this Saturday evening, with people from Oise. Our Facebook page makes the difference, it is followed by fans in Belgium ”announces Benjamin Billoquet, screwdriver in hand.

Sound atmosphere and video projections

In addition to the lights, there is a whole decoration, a sound environment, video projections and even illuminations placed on the roof of the house.

“A carousel of lights, next year is already planned, as well as a very luminous plane which should be slipped on a magic tree” explains, all smiles, Alison.

The family of course thought of installing a red letterbox on their gate for letters sent directly to Santa Claus by the children. He spends every week picking up his precious mail.

Until mid-January

The staging is to be discovered every day until mid-January.

The municipality is not left out, on the Town Hall Square which has taken on a festive air for a few days with a large decorated tree 5 meters high and light installations all over the city.

Practical information
Christmas House at 26, rue du Prieuré, Les Coteaux residence in Envermeu from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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