National weightlifter Talha Talib Tuck Tucker’s video went viral on social media

National weightlifter Talha Talib Tuck Tucker, video goes viral on social media

Gujranwala (Daily Pakistan Online) National weightlifter Talha Talib, who made Pakistan famous in the Olympic Games, has also become a tick tock.

He has posted a video from his official tick talk account which is being appreciated by the users. In the video, Talha Talib is present in the room of PC Hotel Bhurban and is seen getting ready for the event. This video of Talha Talib is based on a Punjabi song in which he says to his friend, ‘Make a snap, send it to your sister-in-law.’ This video has also been posted by Talha Talib on her Instagram account.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, Talha Talib had won a bronze medal in the World Championship in Tashkent.

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