NASA spacecraft finally touches the sun

NASA spacecraft finally touches the sun, a new history

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – The US space agency NASA launched a spacecraft to orbit the sun in 2018, which has finally touched the sun. According to Mail Online, the spacecraft named Parker crossed the upper corona of the sun in April this year. Parker crossed the Corona in the eighth attempt. His first 7 attempts failed because the solar storm waves are so strong in this upper atmosphere of the sun.

According to the report, Parker endured 2370 Fahrenheit (approximately 1298 C) temperature and 500 times more radiation than the Earth while passing through Corona to achieve this historic achievement. Although Parker achieved success in April, scientists have so far waited for data from Parker, and it has now been confirmed that he will touch the sun once the data is received.

Thomas Zarbakin, associate administrator at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, says of the success: “The Parker Solar Probe touching the sun is a memorable moment in solar science. Not only has this given us more information about the evolution of the sun, but the more we know about our solar system, the more we know about the other stars in the universe. “

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