Nadia Hussain responds sharply to anchor, video goes viral on social media

Model and actress Nadia Hussain responded sharply to a private TV anchor whose video went viral on social media.

As can be seen in the viral video on social media, the anchor first asked Nadia Hussain what she likes to eat and when she mentioned the name of the biryani, the anchor further asked if you have a hot biryani in front of you. Wouldn’t you like to eat it?

The question was allegedly raised in the context of women’s clothing. To this question Nadia Hussain replied to the anchor that if I was abstaining or I knew that it was not good for me then I would not eat at all.

Nadia Hussain further said that if I find out that I am committing a crime by eating biryani then I will not commit this crime. If eating biryani is a sin for me then I will not eat it.

Hearing Nadia Hussain’s reply, Anchor immediately took a break.

Nadia Hussain’s stance is being appreciated on social media and users have also spoken in her favor.

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