“My teacher told me that I will be nothing in this life”

Afrobeat giant Davido has revealed how his teacher predicted he would not be successful in life due to his poor grades while in school.

The Nigerian star, who is one of the most successful artists on the African continent, made this fact unknown in the public domain when he appeared as a guest on the Tea with Taymesan podcast.

Davido, who lost three of his friends in 2021, said: “We have lost TJ, my bodyguard who has been my safety for over eleven years. We also lost my photographer Fortune. That his soul rests in peace. 2021 has been a crazy year. May their souls rest in peace. We carry on their legacy. We think about them every day. To deal with that and keep working, always having to do what I have to do, go on tour or record music, juggling the pandemic and also family matters, 2021 has been a crazy year. Thank God we are here, we are strong ”.

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Asked if he ever had time to pause, think and cry, the DMW label boss replied, “ Life is fast, I’ve been doing this continuously since I was sixteen. Of course, I had to cry, not even for losing my friends only. I cry about different situations. It comes and goes. I cried on my birthday. I know how bad my grades were. At school, I was like the type of student least likely to be successful. My French teacher told me that I would be nothing in this life. I won’t lie, I was a bad boy with good intentions« .

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