Molloy: A modern Gaelic gate built on Oppidum.

Two designers, Nathan Bonaudet and Ulysses Boyet, called on volunteers from Molly to help create this modern Gaelic door. It will be installed on Oppidum this Friday, September 16, 2022 at 6 PM. (©CDLM)

Philip Aubrey. lives in Radish for four years. Like other residents, he was far from suspecting that the earthen embankment – ​​the “mound” – that crossed the city, sheltered the remains of an ancient wall.

“I had no idea there was one. oppidum Here “

“In Gaelic times, it was a veritable stronghold. While we’re at the Molloy Games”, still looks surprised. Matthias CortetArtistic Director of the Contemporary Art Center KioskOn mine.

The Municipal Stadium of Molle, at the foot of the former capital Allergy debilantshosts a project close to its heart: inviting designers to highlight this heritage and this landscape.

“Today, when you look at Opium, you just see a pile of land. »

Matthias CortetArtistic Director of the Kiosque Contemporary Art Center in Mayenne

starting from Friday, September 16, 2022the latter will host a bridge of works between this distant period of two thousand years and the present, created by two artists: Ulysses Boyet And Nathan Bonaudetcame from Paris anything else Drome.

It should represent both the Gaelic heritage and the present-day aspect of Molly, “a town essentially suburban”, notes Nathan Bonaudet, who explored the town with its inhabitants.

Both artists were also able to interact with archaeologists. Jublin MuseumTo learn about the architecture and historical context of Opium before working on the project.

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Because September 6, 2022, the stadium refreshment bar has been converted into a carpentry workshop. The two designers are working with the residents of Molle to create a sculpture of five wooden beams there. partner.

Without any modern tools: everything is done with hammer, chisel, chisel, ax and plane. “We are inspired by experimental archaeology”, explains Nathan Bonaudet.

Experimental archaeology

Experimental archeology is an approach that aims to reconstruct the craft or construction techniques of a particular period based on the results of archaeological excavations.

The work envisioned by the artist duo is Gate. An object chosen for its symbolic significance: at the time of Opium, “we moved a lot. So the doors were mobile and very decorative”, says Nathan Bonaudet. An importance that has passed through the ages.

“Today, everyone who is building their home wants a beautiful front door. When the address is insufficient to find a home, we specify the front and the door.”

Nathan BonaudetDesigner in residence at Moulay

This door will be there, 4 meters high, in wood Sherman Pine, locally available and soft enough to carve easily. The contemporary aspect will be provided by a slate roof and sculpture, which will recall elements of the existing landscape.

Residents “embedded” in the project.

A few days before the end of the construction site, the work is nearing completion. Around one of the beams, a few Molasses They seem to enjoy their work. They carve decorative arches inspired by local viaducts.

Among them, Philip Aubrey, not content with his newfound knowledge of local history, also pursues his favorite hobby: carpentry. He learned in college.

“Recently, I made a replica of the Normandy Bridge for my daughter-in-law. »

Philip Aubrey.Molisein from Le Havre

face it, Didier Quinton, a veteran of the trade. “I was into furnishing, it was a bit more complicated. Both are proud to show off their homemade garlands from their apprenticeship years.

Eric RobinetteThe deputy mayor joined the project, seduced by the idea of ​​showcasing the local scene, but also “to get the gentlemen’s people on board”.

Practical: The door will be collected on Friday 16th September 2022 at 6pm in Molloy’s Opedum.

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