Mélissa Bédard buys her first house!

The actress, singer, host and mom, Melissa Bedard just bought her first home and couldn’t be happier for her. Indeed, the beautiful shared the good news on her Instagram account with a powerful text filled with gratitude.

« All my life, I have dreamed of finding the perfect man, getting married and having children. Often, the path we imagined turns out to be very different in reality. Because we change, we adapt, we make mistakes and we often learn from our mistakes. These are apprenticeships. And we get up, we roll up our sleeves and we move forward. But basically, you never walk too far from this path that you have traced. Whether it’s a red light, a roundabout or a shortcut, when you want to get from point A to point B… well, we can get there! Even if it’s difficult.

So today I’m so proud to have gotten to where I wanted to be since I was 20 apples tall! The way to a house … My House which will be swarming with too many children, laughter too loud, loud music but above all a house filled with happiness and love.❤️

I am proud of myself, I am proud of us and thank you because without your wheel changes and your gas, I would not have made it ”.

There is no doubt that in the past two years, Mélissa Bédard has made her place in the Quebec artistic community and she is there to stay. With her great talents, her generosity, her kindness and her purity, the singer only inspires us. And this every day.


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