Meeting of Islamic Ideological Council, demand to punish the perpetrators of Sialkot tragedy

It is more important to follow the law than to formulate the law, there is room for reform in the current judicial system, says Qibla Ayaz (Photo: File)

Islam Abad: The Islamic Ideological Council has demanded severe punishment for those responsible for the killing of a Sri Lankan factory manager in the Sialkot tragedy.

A meeting of the Islamic Ideological Council was held under the chairmanship of Chairman Council Qibla Ayaz in which the Sialkot tragedy was discussed. Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Qibla Ayaz said that a special meeting was held today on the Sialkot tragedy. What is the demand for punishment?

Qibla Ayaz said the council was satisfied with the government’s handling of the matter in the best possible way. The debate will continue to stop.

He said that it was more important to follow the law than to formulate the law, adding that the council believed that there was room for improvement in the existing judicial system, adding that there was a lot of content on social media promoting violence. But the country’s political and religious leadership responded well.

Qibla Ayaz said that the face of Pakistan has turned positive with its good public response, the people of Pakistan, the people of Sri Lanka, the ulema and the government have expressed satisfaction with the good response, the council meeting He appealed to refrain because taking the law into one’s own hands is against Islam, law and morality.

He further said that the declaration of the Islamic Ideological Council should be discussed in Parliament. He thanked the OIC for holding the meeting in Islamabad.

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