Mathira’s harsh criticism of Tuba Anwar for comparing him to Noor Muqaddam

Karachi:Pakistan’s well-known host and model Mathira and actress Tobia Anwar had a fight on social media.

Actress Tobiah Anwar recently gave an interview to a British broadcaster in which she compared herself with the deceased Noor Muqaddam while talking about violence against women.

He said that when Noor Muqaddam incident came to light, I was also going through a lot of pain in my life at that time, although I have never met Noor, but I can feel everything that happened to Noor because All the things that Noor faced, I have also faced all these things in my life.

Mathira, in his reaction to Tobiah Anwar’s views, said that Aamir bhai helped Tobiah enter the entertainment industry, so Tobiah Anwar should stop giving such interviews just to gain attention. It should also be noted that Amir Bhai is no longer in this world.

He advised Touba Anwar to learn to forgive and respect the deceased.

Touba Anwar could not remain silent on this criticism from Mathira and in reply revealed that I called Mathira to explain my words but he did not pick up my call.

He said that Mathira should watch the full interview before criticizing me and should think before interfering in the personal lives of others.

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