Marvel faced severe criticism for creating the first Israeli superhero

For Marvel, she will play a former Mossad spy, Photo: Instagram

California: After Marvel’s introduction of the first Israeli superhero, there is an uproar on social media and Marvel continues to be heavily criticized.

Shira Haas, the first Israeli superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is set to star as Rath Bat Seraph aka “Sabra” in the next Captain America movie.

Marvel’s recent move has created an uproar on social media. A user on Twitter has written that the superhero’s villain is a six-year-old Palestinian child.

Haas rose to worldwide fame with her role in the Netflix series Shtissel. For Marvel, she will play a former Mossad spy whose special powers include super strength, speed and the ability to fly at great speeds.

Fans were quick to note the controversial nature of the character’s inclusion and suggested that the move seemed like Marvel was stepping into the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Discussing the origin of the name Sabra, one user wrote, “Apparently ‘Sabra’ is a term used to refer to Jews born in historic Palestine, but it is also the name of a neighborhood in Beirut where Israeli forces Oversaw the massacre of thousands of Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982.”

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