Marie-Christine Proulx was afraid for her health

Marie-Christine Proulx recently had medical examinations and feared for his health. Indeed, the host confided, during an episode of her radio show, that she is currently being screened for breast cancer.

It is New who shared the words of Marie-Christine Proulx: “ For three or four weeks, I have been in the process of screening for breast cancer. I have a family history. My sister got breast cancer when she was 37. Since then, I have had an annual mammogram and this year we added an MRI as a screening. […] I was told that something had been found and that I should do an ultrasound. I was shown the problem, and I moved on to the next step, which is the biopsy ”.

Fortunately, everything was benign.

« Go do your exams, get your mammograms! It’s heavy and stressful but it can avoid a lot of problems », She added.

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