Major announcement in the UAE, cancellation of film censorship

UAE announces the end of film censorship (photo: file)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the abolition of film censorship.

According to Arab media reports, the UAE has cancelled the censorship system for films shown in the country’s cinemas and introduced a +21 rating.

According to reports, the Office of the UAE Media Regulatory Authority has launched a +21 category of cinema to show movies, after which people over 21 will be able to watch the international version of the movie in the cinema.

However, when entering the venue, the 21-year-old age level will be strictly observed, and only after verifying the age will audiences 21 years of age or older be allowed to enter certain movies.

It should be noted that before this, the international version of the film was censored by the public in cinemas in the UAE.

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