Loire-Atlantique: In Guérande, 10,000 Culs salés on Facebook!

Paul, Marc, Servanne and Laurie form the quartet at the helm of the Culs salés de Guérande © Cathy Ryo

In Guérande (Loire-Atlantique), the Facebook group Les Culs salés celebrated its 10,000 members!

A success story and a great showcase for the Guérande peninsula, animated by lovers of the medieval city, its salt marshes and its coast.

Behind this virtual community, joyful and dynamic, a quartet (Paul, Servanne, Marc, Laurie) tunes its violins to play a harmonious score, without hatred or insults, without trolls or haters.

A feat in the ruthless world of social networks.

“A place of benevolence and mutual aid”

Originally, in 2014, a Facebook group “you know if you come from…”, as there are everywhere for each municipality.

A person then animates the community of 1000 members.

When she left, Servanne took over:

The tone was light, we were talking mainly about leisure. Then people wanted to argue about it. We know that the internet is great, but it can also become dangerous. I then took stock of what I wanted. And what I wanted was a place of benevolence, mutual aid, exchange, solidarity, highlighting of great initiatives, that people feel useful for Guérande and its inhabitants.

“You don’t have to push grandma into the pit”

No more angry, hateful, insulting, political, sexist, racist, advertising comments,

we are not Care Bears either, but we really want it to be relevant and benevolent, grammatically speaking too.

Mistrust also vis-à-vis scams, more or less masked, fake news, business.

As Servanne would say, “Grandma must not be pushed into the pit.”

Each post is validated or not, each comment is read, sometimes deleted. 900 words are prohibited on the group,

it is at the same time not to be outlaw, but also to preserve the village spirit of this community. Some do not understand it, too bad. We assume.

“We make choices”

Suffice to say that for the four volunteer moderator administrators, it’s work with dozens of posts offered every day.

We make choices. Given the number of members, we will limit to 20-30 posts per day by being as diverse as possible. We have set up a magnifying glass where people can get information so they don’t have to ask the same questions.

Les Culs salés are also at the initiative of sections such as Derrière le masque, a series of portraits of traders in the city center, the linking of requests and offers of internships of 3e, relay initiatives, photos highlighting the peninsula, also post sung videos of Paul, alias Holly M.

Find yourself in real life

The vast majority of our members live in Guérande. These are therefore faces that we meet. People know each other outside of the Savory Asses.

And the quartet would see each other well

organize an event to get together in person, just to show that this virtual group has above all a human dimension.

We will have to wait a little longer, the time is not for large festive gatherings at the foot of the ramparts.

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