Lived in Pakistan for 10 years I am half Pakistani, Jemima Goldsmith

The International Film Festival was held in Toronto yesterday (file photo).

Toronto: Hollywood producer Jemima Goldsmith says she has lived in Pakistan for years and is half Pakistani.

Yesterday, the International Film Festival was held in Toronto, where PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s first wife and famous Hollywood producer Jemima Goldsmith’s film ‘What Love Got To Do With It’ was premiered.

Talking to the foreign media on this occasion, Jemima said that her film shows the fusion of Pakistani culture and customs and western culture which is very interesting.

Jemima said that ‘I have lived in Pakistan for ten years, I and my children are half Pakistani’.

He said that the story of my film is inspired by the people of Pakistan and the culture I met there.

It should be remembered that Pakistan’s beautiful actress Sajal Ali has made her Hollywood debut through Jemima Goldsmith’s film, and Sajal is also very happy to be a part of this film.

Speaking to the foreign media at the Toronto International Awards ceremony, Sajal said that it was his dream to work with Shabana Azmi and big Hollywood actors, which has now come true.

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