Lisieux: Why is there a helicopter installed in the bishop’s garden?

The helicopter is on display in the garden of the Bishop of Lisieux (Calvados) until 17 December 2022. ©Julian Lagarde

But what is this helicopter doing in the beautiful lawn of the Jardin de l’Evêché in Lisieux (Calvados)? And how did it get here? The device was installed at this location on Friday 4 November 2022 for an exhibition.

Its presence has made possible the announcement of a short gallery from 12 November to 17 December 2022 in the former premises of the Jennifer boutique, where a number of street art works will be exhibited, signed by celebrities. shall be. M Chat, Miss Tuck or Junon.

A nod to Paul Cornow.

It is also a nod to Paul Carnot, who made the first flight on November 13, 1907, aboard a helicopter he built in a field near Lisieux.

The helicopter was decorated by two artists, Homek and 2FLUI. Transported by road, not by air, it took six people to install. “Even without the engine, it weighs 250 kilograms,” smiles exhibition curator Guy Moch.

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