Les sangliers envahissent l’Allemagne!

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À Berlin or at a Baltic station near the Baltic, they provoke accidents on the route, ravage the gardens, stay on the plaza or at the ruins à la nuit tombée.

In Allemagne, the sangliers envihissent plusieurs ragions du pays. They are interested in pelvis and terrarium agricoles à the research of insects. “On nama jamais vu de tels dégâts, jamais”, assures Hans Martin Fröhlich, an agriculturist. It attaches to occasionality for de nourriture.

Certains habitants paniquent. “This is all about a movie. On the whole of the suite sanglier = danger. It pours out the charger., affirms Katrin Koch, of NABU’s international association.

In Berlin, there are between 3,000 and 8,000 visitors. “Berlin is recovering à 20% off. Il ya beaucoup de parcs et d’arbres dans la rue. The animals and the truth of the narcissism and the cachettes “, declared Milena Stillfried, of the Leibniz Institute. The search for solutions to solve the problem. In 2016, 600,000 sangli ont été abattus.


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