Legislation should be enacted to avoid the social destruction of social media, Imam Kaaba

Social media personalities promote religion, Friday sermon

Mecca: Imam Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudis said in his Friday sermon that social media is having negative effects on the society, so it is necessary to implement laws to ban it.

According to the Arab media, Abdul Rahman Al Sudis, in charge of the affairs of Haram Sharifin, addressed the well-known personalities of social media in his Friday sermon and said that fear Allah, avoid small and stupid things. Invite the true religion, serve the nation and promote goodness for the development and security of the country.

Sheikh Al Sudis added that most celebrities on social media are doing strange things for their cheap fame. It is important to keep children away from social media for good education.

Imam Kaaba also raised the point that celebrities on social media share their private lives due to which their followers start comparing themselves with them and feel deprived which leads to many problems including hatred. are

Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Al Sudis also emphasized that governments should enact legislation to restrict and regulate social media.

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