Land Development and Bodla Builders Agree to Build Luxury Housing Project at DHA Multan

Luxury residential between DHA Multan and …

MULTAN: Zameen Developments, the builder of, Pakistan’s largest real estate portal, and Budla Builders have agreed to build a luxury residential project called Golf View Zerominza at DHA Multan. The agreement between the two companies was signed by Sheikh Shujaullah Khan, Senior Director Sales Central, and Pir Sohaib Tariq Boudla, CEO Bodla Builders. Ahmed Hussain Bhatti, Country Head,, Adil Kamal, Director Affiliates and Acquisitions, and Pir Junaid Bodla, MD, Bodla Builders and Project Director, DHA Multan were also present on the occasion.

Talking in this regard, Country Head Ahmed Hussain Bhatti said that multi-storied constructions in South Punjab especially in Multan is the most important need of the hour. An agreement has been reached to build a project which will prove to be the architectural identity of the entire South Punjab including DHA Multan in future.

Sheikh Shujaullah Khan, Senior Director Sales Central,, said that the people of Multan have come up with a wonderful project in the name of Golf View Zerominza. This project is the first land development project in South Punjab which will not only be completed on time but more projects will be introduced in other cities including Multan.

CEO Bodla Builders Pir Sohaib Tariq Bodla said that they are working with Zameen Developments to provide luxury and affordable apartments in the most wonderful location of the land of saints. The highlight of the project is its construction at Romanza in DHA Multan, which is not only a great investment opportunity for the citizens of South Punjab but also attractive to investors across the country.

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