Kim Kardashian finally passes law exam after failing 3 times: she can become a lawyer

Kim Kardashian is on her way to becoming a lawyer after passing her exams.

The reality TV star had already failed three times in two years. On the third test, she had tested positive for Covid-19 but had decided to take the exams. After finally passing the exam, she took to her Instagram page on Monday, December 13 to share the good news with her fans.

« Oh my God I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM !!!! Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman looking back today in the reflection. For anyone unfamiliar with my background in law school, know that it was not easy or handed to me. I failed this exam three times in two years, but got up each time and studied harder and tried again until I passed !!! (I had COVID on the 3rd try [avec ] fever 104, but I’m not looking for excuses).

In California the way I study law you have to take 2 bar exams, it was only the first but with the highest pass rate. The best lawyers told me it was a near impossible and more difficult trip than the traditional law school route, but it was my only option and I feel so so good to be here and on the right one. way to achieve my goals. “

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