Khalistan Referendum in Canada; India is in a state of panic

Khalistan Referendum will be held on September 18 in Canada, Photo: File

Ottawa: Even before the Khalistan Referendum in Canada, India was alarmed and started to stop the referendum through high tactics.

According to local media, a referendum on Khalistan will be held on September 18 by Sikh organizations in Canada.

Using the incident of writing the slogan of Khalistan on the door of a temple in Canada as an excuse, the Indian government strongly protested to Canada and demanded the arrest of the administrative leaders of the referendum.

Before writing the slogan of Khalistan on the temple, the poster of Sikh leader Jarnal Bhandarwala was torn down and the Sikh community protested. A man of Indian origin was also arrested by the local police for tearing down a poster of a Sikh leader.

Rejecting India’s pressure, several hundred pro-Khalistan Sikhs protested in front of the Indian consulate and raised loud slogans against Indian diplomats. Demonstrators said that India is involved in temple attacks and writing slogans on its own out of fear of the referendum.

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