Khalistan Referendum; Declaration of making Shimla the capital after independence from India

Khalistan Referendum Voting Date Set, Organization (Photo File)

Toronto: After the successful holding of the Khalistan Referendum in Canada, the Sikhs have declared Shimla as their capital as a result of independence from India.

Council General Sikhs for Justice Kriptwant Singh Pannu has said that they will make Shimla their capital as soon as Khalistan becomes independent because Sikhs have demanded in the referendum that we want Shimla as the capital of independent Khalistan. History has been made regarding the Khalistan Referendum in Canada, according to which 100,000 Sikhs voted.

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Sikhs for Justice has expressed gratitude for the participation of an extraordinary number of Sikhs in the referendum. In this regard, re-voting for the referendum will be organized in Brampton soon.

According to the organization, independent observers have also confirmed that 100,000 votes were cast in the referendum. Thousands of Sikhs had lined up before voting started at 9 am. By 12 noon, the queue of voters was almost 5 kilometers long, while slogans in favor of Azad Khalistan were also raised during the voting.

The participants of the referendum demanded that India stop human rights violations. Meanwhile, Canadian Member of Parliament Dean Allison described the significant number of Sikhs voting as surprising. Counsel General Sikhs for Justice Gurpatwant Singh Pannu said that the voting in Canada has broken the London record as well. The Sikhs have proved that they will not accept anything less than freedom.

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It should be noted that the majority of the 300 volunteers who assisted in the referendum were born in Canada. Canada is home to one million Sikhs, the majority of whom support an independent Khalistan. Despite Indian efforts, Canada refused to stop the referendum, while the issue of Khalistan has also created tension in the relationship between the governments of Canada and India.

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