Katrina Vicky shared new photos of the dance in the Hina ritual

Giving a Punjabi caption to her post, Katrina Kaif wrote:

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Koshal continue to share their wedding photos with fans.

Recently, photos taken with other members of the family during the Hina ceremony have been shared on the verified accounts of Katrina and Vicky.

In the photos shared by Katrina, she can be seen dancing with other members of the family, including Vicky Koshal, wearing henna on her hands in a multi-shaded dress and performing the ritual henna in a happy mood.

Giving a Punjabi caption to her post, Katrina Kaif wrote:

On the other hand, Vicky Koshal also shared some pictures of himself and his wife Katrina’s henna ritual on his social media account.

In the shared photos, Vicky Koshal was seen proposing to Katrina Kaif with yellow flowers, while in one photo, Vicky and Katrina can be seen carrying a few people on their shoulders.

The actor also wrote the same Punjabi caption of his post which was written by his wife actress Katrina Kaif.

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