Jacqueline wanted to marry Sukesh despite being found guilty, police

Jacqueline Fernandez is also under investigation in the money laundering case, Photo: File

New Delhi: Delhi Police says that actress Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to marry Skish Chandra, the accused arrested in the extortion and money laundering case, despite knowing everything about him.

According to Indian media, Skish Chandra Shekhar, who is involved in extortion and money laundering of Rs 200 crores, is imprisoned in Tihar Jail, where during the investigation, the accused made further revelations about his relationship with actress Jacqueline Fernandez Shekhar.

On which the Delhi Police also interrogated Jacqueline Fernandes in which she admitted that she wanted to marry Shekhar despite knowing about him.

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A Delhi Police officer said that Jacqueline’s admission of maintaining a relationship with Skish Chandrasekhar despite the truth being revealed could create problems for the actress.

It should be noted that Jacqueline Fernandez and famous dancer Nora Fathi are being investigated for helping Skish Chandrasekhar in money laundering and taking gifts from him.

The investigating police officer about Noora Fathi says that Noura parted ways only after suspecting Shakis Chand’s involvement in crimes, so further investigation of the well-known dancer has been stopped.

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