Ivory Coast – Rap / Taunted by the new generation, Billy Billy reacts

For the past few days, Ivory Rap fans have been witnessing a media war between Billy Billy and other rappers. Living outside the country, for several years, Billy Billy finds himself totally neglected by the new generation as an actor of ivory rap. He then decides to shout his fed up with a post on Facebook.

It is very common to see the Ivorian singer Billy Billy having sex with the members of the group Kiff No Beat. For him, it would be unfair for the members of the group to dedicate the success of ivory rap only to the new generation.

Moreover, there is no shortage of opportunity to send them spades via posts on his Facebook profile. Something that often turns sour. Tired of seeing himself in one way or another excluded from this beautiful landscape that is the success of ivory rap, Billy Billy decides to shout his discontent and bring things back to order.

« I am legitimate to talk about the Ivory Rap, I am well placed to talk about it because I am one of the precursors of this movement. We cannot disguise history. Today the problem is that there are people who limit the beginning of the movement to their person, to their time, to their moment. ” annoyed Billy Billy.

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Then to assert a radical opposition thus ” You cannot make yourself the scale. I refuse that we want to limit ivory rap to some and that we want to exclude others.«

Words that made one of the members of the group Kiff no Beat react. Didi B was not at all kind to his eldest in the movement.

This famous story of fatherhood about the Ivory Rap is not ready to end anytime soon.

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