Is it necessary to drink 8 glasses of water daily? Research has revealed the answer

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You have often heard that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential for good health, but is this really true?

The answer comes from a new medical study that suggests drinking 8 glasses of water a day is probably not true for most people.

This is the most comprehensive research ever done on the daily water requirement of the human body.

A study in Japan indicated that most people need between 1.5 and 1.8 liters of water a day, which is less than the 2 liters recommended.

In this research of the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition, it was said that the current recommendations regarding drinking water do not have scientific support.

Most experts have no idea where the current recommendations came from, the researchers said.

He said that earlier estimates of water requirement neglected the fact that food also contains water, which is important for achieving overall water intake.

He said that if you only eat bread and eggs, such a diet does not contain much water, but foods such as meat, vegetables, fish, rice and pasta provide 50% of the water required for the day. goes

The study included 5,604 individuals from 8 days old to 96 years of age from 23 countries and assessed their water drinking habits.

The research found that people’s water consumption habits around the world vary, with some people drinking 4 glasses a day, while others drink 25 glasses a day.

The study further revealed that people who live in hot and humid climates or mountainous regions need more water.

Similarly, athletes, pregnant and lactating women should drink more water.

According to research, men in their thirties drink more water (4.2 liters on average) because they are more physically active, and this amount decreases with age.

In comparison, the amount remains the same (3.3 liters on average) among women aged 22 to 55 years.

Athletes drink a liter more water than the average person.

The researchers said that the results show that the recommendation to drink 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day is not valid for most people, and a one-size-fits-all policy is not effective in this case.

He said that people should ignore the recommendations and drink water according to their physical needs.

He added that although drinking more water than the body needs is unlikely to harm health, clean drinking water is not free and we may have to spend more.

The results of this research were published in the journal Science.

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