[Insolite] Pays Basque. He steals a Jaguar and ends up in the pool before stealing another vehicle

The Jaguar ended up in the robbed property’s pool. (PN64)

Police officers Bayonne challenged theauthor of a homejacking last December 18. After trying to steal a jaguar that he sent directly into the pool, he then tried to steal a mercedes in the same property.

“When it doesn’t want it, it doesn’t! “

The young man, of Moroccan origin and only 18 years old, does not have a driving license. He was arrested at the wheel of the Mercedes “in full acceleration without having passed speed” indicate the police officers. He was totally wet and very tipsy during the arrest.

The man went to the Bayonne court on Monday, December 20 and was sentenced to 8 months in prison as well as a ban on French territory for five years.

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