Innocent-looking Pandey’s bold video goes viral

Panda is 6 years old, Photo: Video Grab

Beijing: At China’s famous zoo, a mischievous panda jumped out of a cage by climbing a tall fence and came very close to people.

According to the World News Agency, a video that went viral on social media shows a giant panda escaping from the tall fence of its habitat at the Beijing Zoo in China.

Citizens who came to visit the zoo were shocked by this move of the panda. Meng Lane, a 6-year-old panda, led the campaign in search of food. He crossed the fence of his cage and reached the part which is separate from the cages of the zoo.

Zoo staff instructed citizens to stay away from pandas. Meanwhile, the citizens stood at a distance and took selfies with the panda. The staff called Pandey back to the cage for lunch.

Peng “Meng Lane” was born in 2015 at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda breeding and moved to the Beijing Zoo two years later. The zoo administration says Meng Lane has a history of mischievous behavior, but the fence will now be changed to prevent further attempts to escape.

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