Inflation for low-income earners in the country rose to 21.42 percent

The Bureau of Statistics released a weekly report on inflation.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, inflation rose to 0.55 per cent in the last week, bringing the country’s overall inflation rate to 19.49 per cent.

Inflation for the lowest-income earners reached 21.42 percent, the agency said.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 17 items increased in one week while electricity charges increased by 70 paise per unit from Rs 6.75 to Rs 7.45 per unit in recent weeks.

In the recent week, the price of lentils has gone up by 4.11 per cent, lentils by 2.08 per cent, while ghee, garlic and bananas have also gone up.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 15 items were cheaper and 19 items remained stable in one week.

Potatoes became cheaper by 15.52 per cent, tomatoes by 12.65 per cent and poultry by 5.94 per cent, while sugar, onions, eggs and flour became cheaper.

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