Individuals made a cumulative world record

Tokyo: In Japan, 178 pregnant women with the same first and second names gathered together and made this historical record.

178 people gathered in a hall in Tokyo, one of whom was Hirokazu Tanaka. In 2005, the name ‘Martha Stewart’ 164 was attended by American businesswoman Martha Stewart. But now the Japanese have broken this record.

It should be noted that an organization called Hirokazu Tanaka organized this event. However, these efforts also failed in 2011 and 2017 as only 71 and 87 people could be shulur and world reka at that time.

But this time there were also some rules because the condition was that when the name Hirokazuka is written in Chinese, the characters or characters are not the same as in Chinese and different characters. 53 This man said in 1994.

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