Indian city Garh village bans praying in open spaces

In India, the Modi government has taken another step towards anti-Muslim sentiment.

In the Garh village of Haryana, India, praying in open spaces is prohibited. In this regard, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana stated that praying in open spaces will not be tolerated.

He said that he is not opposed to performing duties in religious places, but it is unacceptable to use open space to perform religious duties.

The Chief Minister stated that the issue will be resolved quickly with mutual agreement, whether it is praying in places of worship or at home.

Recall that due to Friday prayers, tensions between Hinduism and Muslims have been raging in Gurgaon for several weeks.

It should be noted that Haryana also has a state government of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatar also belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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