India; Pro-Hindutva hardline and controversial leader killed in assassination attack

Sudhir Suri sits in protest outside a temple, Photo: File

Amritsar: Sudhir Suri, the extreme right-wing leader of the Shiv Sena, was shot dead during a sit-in in Indian Punjab.

According to Indian media, the shooting happened in a protest sit-in in front of the Gopal Mandir in a busy area of ​​Amritsar city. Sudhir Suri was leading the sit-in. The killer has been arrested, but his identity has not yet been revealed at the official level.

On the other hand, eyewitnesses claimed that the shot was fired by a shopkeeper named Sandeep Singh. After the murder, there was panic in the Sikh community due to possible backlash in the area.

It should be noted that Sudhir Suri used to give controversial statements against Sikhs and he was facing many cases for inciting sentiments against other minorities and he was also in jail for a long time.

An hour before the murder, Sudhir Suri, in a Facebook live address, criticized the management of the Gopal Mandir and showed pictures of old idols lying in a dustbin.

Sudhir Suri said that desecration of deities is condemnable even if done by a Hindu, so he will protest in front of the temple.

On Sudhir Suri’s appeal, dozens of his workers gathered outside the temple and meanwhile a person in the crowd fired five shots at the Hindu leader.

A staunch Hindu leader, Sudhir Suri, was rushed to the hospital but could not survive. He was quite a controversial leader and received death threats for which 8 policemen were on guard at all times.

Police personnel were also present at the time of the attack, but they could not save the Hindu leader. The attacker was arrested along with the pistol.

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