Increase in the number of dengue patients in Islamabad

Islamabad: The number of dengue patients is increasing continuously in the twin cities, while the number of dengue patients in Islamabad has increased as compared to Rawalpindi.

According to Express News, during the last 24 hours, 82 more people fell victim to dengue in Islamabad and were transferred to different hospitals in the city.

The number of dengue patients under treatment in Islamabad hospitals has increased to 289, which is more than in the past.

In Islamabad in September 2019, the number of people affected by dengue was 219, this month this number has increased to 1327, while in Rawalpindi the year 2019 and the current year are reviewed, the number of dengue patients in September 2019 was 1586, now the number is 1204.

On the other hand, the number of dengue patients admitted in the three government hospitals of Rawalpindi has reached 66, the number of beds in the dengue wards of the three hospitals in Rawalpindi is 404, where 289 patients are under treatment, the condition of 5 patients in Allied Hospitals is critical, Benazir Bhutto 122 patients are admitted in General Hospital, 67 in Holy Family Hospital, 100 in District Headquarters Hospital.

Most of the patients coming to Rawalpindi belong to Dhamman Syedan, Chak Jalal Din. Fogging spray and larval surveillance has been intensified in the affected areas, so far one patient has died of dengue.

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