In the United States, thieves flew a 58-foot-long bridge

A 58-foot-long bridge over a natural river in an Ohio park has been stolen. Photo: Daily Mail

Ohio: We’ve heard of the theft of valuables, jewelry, cars and trucks, and now the strange news is that in the US state of Ohio, thieves have stolen a long pedestrian bridge that is 58 feet long.

The bridge was across a river, the Koya Hoga, which is part of the Middle Berry Run Park. Rehabilitation of the river was underway for which the bridge was temporarily removed but surprisingly it disappeared from there and has not been found so far. The cost of the bridge is said to be around ہزار 40,000.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the thieves opened the bridge and took it away in one or more trucks, but the police are worried about what they will do with the bridge. Due to its structure, it was very easy to lift and move. The dominant part of the bridge was made of polymer which was attached with nut bolts.

According to police, it was easy to open but very difficult to close again. According to the investigating officers, different parts of the bridge have been moved at different times.

According to experts, if one wants to use or sell this bridge by recycling, it is also not a good way because after recycling, its value will be very low.

Police have told the public that if anyone knows anything about the thieves, they must help.

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