In the Cotentin, Father Christmas brings gifts… by tractor!

Santa Claus arrived in a tractor.

Santa Claus visited the small village of Liesville-sur-Douve (Some) Saturday, December 11, 2021. He arrived in tractor to distribute gifts and sweets to the children of the small town in the heart of the marshes. After the distribution of gifts to children under 10, a snack was offered in the communal room.

An important event for children

The mayor Sonia La Dune decided that, despite the new restrictions due to the Covid, it was important to schedule with this traditional and friendly event.

Despite everything, we decided to keep the program, there was nothing last year and two years in a row with nothing, that was too much! We organized things with barrier gestures but we did not cancel.

Sonia La DuneMayor of Liesville-sur-Douve

“45 people were present, including twenty children. You have to live with the Covid, the health pass must be mandatory, as well as the barrier gestures and the hydroalcoholic gel. “

Ms. La Dune also explained that the members of the municipal council wore gloves for the distribution of the cakes in order to respect the restrictions.

An unusual Christmas to take your mind off things!

In Carquebut too, Father Christmas toured the village on a tractor to deliver gifts to the children of the town.
In Carquebut too, Father Christmas toured the village on a tractor to deliver gifts to the children of the town. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Then the Santa in a tractor continued his unusual tour in the small town of Carquebut.

As in Liesville and in several rural communities, this year, to avoid completely canceling the festivities around Christmas for the children of the village, instead of the Christmas tree and the traditional snack, Father Christmas toured the town in a tractor to distribute gifts.

“At Carquebut, a few people from the festival committee took the initiative to organize this visit from Father Christmas,” explains Marie-Marthe Legret. “With Marie Carbonnier and the deputy mayor of the town, Marie-Lise Marauge, as well as Gilbert Legret and Sébastien Fillante, we decided to do something. “

Normally, there is afternoon tea in the village hall with the tree and gifts for the children, but with the Covid, we can’t do that this year. So we decided to have small packages delivered by Santa Claus by tractor to the children of the town who are under ten years old.

Marie-Marthe LegretCarquebut Festival Committee

Father Christmas toured the village on a tractor and visited all the houses where children lived.

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