In Rouen, he offers a concept of “aperitif escape game, delivered to your home”

A new concept combining escape game and aperitif has landed in the Rouen region (Seine-Maritime). (©Escape Game l’Apéro)

You appreciate the escapes games… and you also like to take aperitif ? So this new concept, freshly landed in Seine-Maritime, should titillate your curiosity. Baptiste Lebas, micro-entrepreneur from Roumare has been offering since December 2021 what he describes as an “aperitif escape game delivered to you”, near Rouen.

“It’s a new concept that comes from Savoy and that is played at home,” explains the one who bought the license fee. There must be 50 in France to offer this game, and I am the first in Seine-Maritime. “

“Make the pleasure of the aperitif last”

Doesn’t the principle of an aperitif escape game speak to you so much? Baptiste Lebas specifies the outlines. “Participants order a cooler. The goal is to unlock it, as well as its different compartments, in order to discover your aperitif as you go. “And to complete:” First we find a bottle, then sausage, cheese, terrines, crisps, etc. “

The game takes place in total autonomy. Hints hidden in your order will help you progress and solve the puzzles. “The recommended time is 1 to 4 hours. It allows the pleasure of the aperitif to last ”, specifies the micro-entrepreneur.

And if we fail, goodbye the aperitif? “No !, he reassures. There is a game master appointed at the start of each game. This person has access to a QR code allowing the game to be unlocked at any time. ” The most motivated (or the less hungry) will be able to challenge themselves to solve everything without succumbing to the call for help from the game master.

Between 20 and 30 euros per person

Price side, the range varies between 20 and 30 euros per person. “Customers can pick up the cooler, but I also deliver within a radius of around 30 kilometers around Rouen, with charges depending on the distance. ”

Baptiste Lebas, who opened reservations on December 15, details that an aperitif escape game can be suitable for three to six people. “The basket adapts according to the number. And everything is provided: corkscrew, cutting board, tumblers. I collect the next day as a deposit, once the game is over. “

If he is not at the origin of the concept, it is however he who selects the products to be tasted in the cooler (if you manage to unlock it, of course). “I try to work as much as possible with local producers,” he insists. With friends or family, he sums up the concept as a different way to have an aperitif!

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