In many countries of the world, the Instagram service is closed, the account is suspended

There have been reports of Instagram service outages and account closures in many parts of the world. Photo: File

San Francisco: Instagram service has been temporarily suspended in many countries around the world and around thousands of accounts have been suspended.

On the other hand, Instagram immediately took notice of this and started working on the technical glitch.

Thousands of Instagrammers from many countries around the world have complained that when they are logging into their accounts, they are getting text messages.

That ‘Your account has been suspended on October 31, 2022.’

However, iPhone users are more among the account suspension users. Other users have said that their Instagram account has been created or else

Corruption has been observed.

Instagram has apologized on this occasion saying that their experts are trying to figure it out. Instagram management has said that Jin

Individuals who have received orders to suspend their accounts will be reinstated if they refuse to do so within 30 days.

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